Jet-lagged to the Point of Insanity

Hello :)…again

So far in my short life I have lived in 3 countries, visited 8, and have been on approximately 38 planes…not fun I assure you 🙂

But…despite my expertise on all things continental and airportish…I am very confused about a couple things.

How come they ask you about chicken or beef if all people ever want is the chocolate pudding?

Why, oh why do they have those sick bags on those flights when you’re not upchucking that chocolate pudding but as soon as you feel like parting with your lunch they are no where to be around?

How come you’re always stuck next to either the guy who fills up two seats, the old grannys who always need the toilet or the honeymoon couple who like procreating in front of you?…I don’t know!

And why do they always have the same tv shows, movies etc on those mini televisions? (reruns of Little Britain year after year get a bit boring)

But I suppose it’s all worth it once you get off all green and sickish to the cold and rainy country of the U.K.

Oh and don’t ever ask for ice my young compatriots…you do not want to know where those tongs have been.

Hope this has enlightened and educated you about the joys of flying:)

It’s better than going by taxi I suppose 🙂

Peace 😛



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2 responses to “Jet-lagged to the Point of Insanity

  1. bug!!

    wow harri i’m proud of you!!! this is the start of a new insanity…that makes sense? enjoy!! 🙂 🙂

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