Virtual Farming…W.T.F!?

Let me tell you a litlle story 🙂

Today I logged on Facebook,  which is, you know, normal. What wasn’t normal was that on arrival to my homepage I was drowned in “My little Aquarium” notifications and Sorority life gift requests and even *cringe* Farmville junk.

WHY? Why do people build virtual vegetables? I mean for goodness sakes don’t be lazy, get off your ass and plant your own damn bulbs…maybe you’ll be able to sustain your family then instead of wasting your time on virtual watermelons.

To make matters worse I stumbled upon someone who’s profile is filled with “Oh No! so and so found a baby turtle and it might be turned into soup! save it!” erm…no thanks that turtle had it coming anyways. Plus their statuses all had the same content “I need blood for vampire wars”, “Can someone send me a horse for my farm?”

Eish…you really need to find a hobby, take up knitting maybe? Or swimming? Delete your account on Farmville right now you poor, poor person.

I totally out rock Dr. Phil, I even have my own couch 🙂


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