The Lunatic By My Locker

ok, ok it’s not everyday that you get a request for comic relief and words of wisdom so I’m writing this post on my compadre, Chris

Ok so we all have that type of friend who makes you fall over from sheer hilarity and then you think of what they said earlier at a really awkward moment which isn’t the best thing. I mean someone could be talking about  how their dog was flattened by a steamroller and you suddenly start laughing about mini-skirts or one of those embarrassing inside jokes.

Yes,  I have one of those…problem is no one get’s our jokes except erm…us 🙂

Let me tell you one of my Chris experiences…

so, his favourite movie of all time is “Not Another Teen Movie” and we watched it (hysterical laughter on his side, polite little giggles on mine) then it got to the musical number ie: “I never should have made that bet, I’m not the man I used to be bla bla bla” In which he bursts into song singing the rest of the words encouraging me to join in, I was very tired of that song by the end of that month but it still makes him laugh when we sing it so I don’t mind :).

and that’s my Chris story, it’s probably not very relieving or very comedic but that’s the whole point of this post anyways, no one gets it except us 🙂

Button oh button

oh where have you gone?

off of my bosom and yonder beyond

*What’s a bosom?*



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2 responses to “The Lunatic By My Locker

  1. Chris

    BEST POST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

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