Um…excuse me Mr. Cullen but, your nipples are kinda falling off.

Ok, ok so I know that I’ve been scarce, writers block-not my fault 🙂

I won’t deny that I have been through that phase, you know, the phase in which you have giant Edward posters all over the place and you spend your time day dreaming about how amazing it would be if he suddenly came into your life and swept you off your feet blablabla, yeah I went through that, at the age of 12. Seriously that should be the cutoff line, 12.

I mean you have 19 year olds out there with Edward/ Jacob cardboard cutouts in their bedroom…cringe. Why? why do you do this to yourselves because I mean come on it’s not like real men sparkle anyways. I’ve heard of actual fistfights going on over “Team Jacob” and “Team Edward” seriously girls? we’re getting recreational here, do you guys have your own football team complete with cheer squad? what’s the point?

Taylor Lautner is hot, so what? So is Matt Damon…do we have “Team Jason Bourne” floating around? no! So get a grip!

There is a little site I like to go to when I feel sad, it’s called “My Life Is Twilight” and it really puts my life in perspective because the people on there are a little bit crazy.

“Today I realised that my hair is brown just like Bella’s!” MLIT

“Today I got an Edward cardboard cut out now I can really take him to the prom!” MLIT

Yeah, that’s what I thought…scary right?

You know when New Moon came out and whenever someone took off their top the whole cinema would scream, well when Edward came out without his top I felt like screaming, but not with joy and I’m glad I didn’t because I probably also would have screamed “WHAT’S WRONG WITH HIS NIPPLES!?” because they are gonna fall off any day now.

Good books, terrble cult.

Ok, hate blog complete you can all go on with your lives 🙂




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2 responses to “Um…excuse me Mr. Cullen but, your nipples are kinda falling off.

  1. Thabile

    harriet u are just PLAIN RUDE!!! EDWARD IS AMAZING OK!!! Lolz cool blog my girl :):) x

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