Penguins and Whales :)

Hey Guys :),

Hold onto your seats, this is going to be a bumpy ride :). I bet that most, if not all of you used to do cute little things when you were young and innocent. Well, I did a couple of weird things, and I mean BIZARRE! So I feel like sharing them with you because I’m bored and my Digi-day work seems too enormous right now.

I must say it’s weird writing this, I feel like Willy Wonka in “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory”, you know the one where he gets all these funky flashbacks about how he was a disturbed little child with enormous teeth and weird dental appendages.  Yeah, it’s like those except for I never had big teeth or dental appendages.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the amazing stories of what I did back in the days when drama was someone stealing your crayons and ripping out your own hair was acceptable because you didn’t know any better.

  • Well first of all I used to go to the bathroom and then imagine shapes out of well, you get the picture sort of like making shapes with clouds. Funny enough they were always penguins and whales 😛
  • When I was ten I wore one of my mom’s fuzzy hats to school and these really radical John Lennon style glasses and went around school pretending to be a Russian exchange student with an american accent, never worked…not once.
  • Also when I was 10 I wore a “Cruella Devil” wig to school, because I could.
  • And yet again, when I was ten I cut my hair like a boy because I wanted to be cool. (I was some crazy 10 year old)
  • I punched a boy because he played with my “voodoo barbie” collection.
  • I had a voodoo barbie collection
  • I had an imaginary friend named Caitlin, she was cool, we built sandcastles together until I realised that I was doing all of the work in that relationship and told her to go away.
  • I used to swing on the swings and then call my sister’s pet cockatiel because I thought that she would hear me and fly me away.
  • I talked to leaves
  • Once I tried to get this boy in my grade to eat mud by trying to convince him that it was chocolate…he didn’t eat it and I felt like chocolate.
  • I gave wedgies to random innocent passerbys on the playground
  • me, my sister and step-sisters all pretended that we had horses and created real stables for our imaginary horses.
  • I stole a whole bunch of worthless gift cards from Toys ‘R Us because they had E.T on them.
  • I had to apologise to Toys ‘R Us for stealing their gift cards.
  • I cut the hair off of my dolls
  • I cut my own hair off to look like my dolls.
  • I hid my hair behind the couch and told my mom that I didn’t know why there was hair behind the cushions.
  • I made my bestfriend a piece of paper folded over and taped together for her birthday and called it a “card holder”

I was one disturbed little kid 🙂 Oh well, now I’m one disturbed teenager not much has changed 🙂

Go chase a donut or something, I’m hungry 🙂



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5 responses to “Penguins and Whales :)

  1. You’re hilarious, this is a lot of the same things I used to do. Your Russian Exchange Student attempt reminds me of the entire first half of 3rd grade, when I convinced everyone I was born in Australia and lived there till 1st grade, and the reason I didn’t have the accent was “because my dad paid a very smart man a lot of money to teach me how to turn it on and off.”

    I think it worked.

  2. Tina Fey.

    this was absoluly genius. oh my goodness im still laughing and i saw it twenty minutes ago. funnest thing that i’ve read since i learnt how to read.

  3. Tina Fey.

    oh when i was in grade four i was suspended from school for running through the Kruger National park spriklers in my school uniform, i was only suspended for a day but it was funny.

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