Oh dear…there she goes again, yet another disaster story

Hey you lot,

Do any of you have those random friends who seem to like hurting themselves unintentionally? Like one day you’re walking in the mall with them and suddenly you hear a “Ow! I turned my head really fast and my ponytail whacked my eye!”

Oh, you do? That’s nice, well I don’t have one of those friends. Though, in my opinion every friend group has atleast one of those guys and in the case of mine that friend is me 🙂 .

This is how I met one of my best friends:

Last year in August I went to a braai to meet my mom’s friend from way back when my parents were dating (which is really scary cause that’s like a hectically long time) and his family. One of the son’s name was/is Wesley and we were pretty much immediately attached at the hip (I left super glue in my pocket-just kidding haha 😉 ). Well, basically we decided to go for a ride on his cousin’s golf cart and this is how things panned out:

H: This golf cart is really slow

W: Yeah, I feel really old when I drive it

H: I bet someone could out-run  this thing

W: Probably could


[H gets amazing idea and tries to act cool]

H: I’m gonna out-run this thing

[H jumps off moving golf cart and face plants spectacularly with ass in air]

W: Bye!

[W drives off and H runs after him trying to regain dignity]

Please note that this is about 15 minutes into meeting the dude yet to this day he still puts up with me-I think he just enjoys the entertainment 😉

Another incident happened this Monday when, for my friend Megan’s birthday we went on the Gautrain and then had lunch at a hotel across from O.R. Tambo. Let it just be said before I go into any more detail that I am now terrified of elevator doors, trellidors, revolving doors and any other kind that have the potential to close on me (you can see now where this is going).

At the station you get these funky-ass cards with money on them that you swipe at a barrier with sliding glass doors. I was the last one to go through after my friend Kat and swiped my card, thinking that it had worked I walked towards the doors. I managed to get halfway through before they started closing squishing me in the process (it was at this point that I thanked God that my mother had force fed me fruit and organic food during my childhood otherwise I would be typing this at the Gautrain station in Sandton sandwiched between two glass barriers). I managed to squeeze through and got rewarded by some scary looks from the security guards and two teenagers on the floor peeing themselves with laughter.

My arm still hurts…

So you see folks, I don’t mean to hurt myself…I’m just at the wrong place, at the wrong time, doing a stupid thing at the wrong moment. 😀

Love you all ❤

P.S. Don’t do any of those things-ever! In the end you look like an idiot and people laugh at you and then you have to laugh along otherwise you look like a huge douche…they were fun before I hurt myself though :). Like falling off one’s bunk bed-the falling bit is the exciting bit…trust me, I should know.



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2 responses to “Oh dear…there she goes again, yet another disaster story

  1. eddie!! :P

    that was one hardcore fun day:) haha we should do that again!! maybe not the door part… hey u forgot to write about our “karaoke” on maude and 5th street:P love u fatty 😛

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