Wardrobe Malfunctions and The Answer To That Question You’re Dreading The Answer To.

Hello Blogging Community…and my mom 🙂

So, on Tuesday I had to sing in this competition called “The National Eisteddfodd” which was really nerve-wracking because it’s um…national :D. And I spent the whole day freaking out and telling myself that next year I was so not going to do this again, (please note that I say this every year and then I sign up). I came out of that experience relatively unscathed and would like to share with you my experience before, during and after my little solo piece.

During maths I was close to having a semi-panic attack and had to use my pencil-case as a form of paper bag, that’s how nervous I was. Thanks to my ingenious creativity I was alright for the rest of the day despite the fact that I kept coughing up pencil shavings. Maths was around the 5th lesson so by the time 2:30 came around I had begun to panic again.

Now, readers…I am not generally a hysterical person, in fact I am usually quite calm and chilled about my ordeals but singing is one of those things that make me squirm. I love it to pieces when I’m actually on the stage but before-hand I’m a right mess. To add to my concerns about breathing properly and choreography and other things like “what happens if they play the wrong song?” and “what if there’s this hectic freak accident and someone flings their orange juice at me so I slip and fall and break my butt…what then?!” I had a major wardrobe malfunction.

My costume for this whole thing was supposed to be a tiny blue dress, it was so tiny in fact that I was going to have to wear leggings in order not to flash the adjudicator and the other poor unsuspecting civilians watching my performance. There was just one problem…I brought the wrong leggings.

Imagine a bright blue dress with almost cerese pink tights? yeah…that’s what I thought, you cringed just now didn’t you? So after panicking again for five minutes I decided to boldly go bare and wore my teeny-weeny dress on stage with no accompaniment except my shoes. I don’t think I flashed anyone and I didn’t slip on orange juice so I’m safe for now. 🙂

Here’s what happened after:

  1. My brother is in a play in which he plays a 65 year-old Scottish gardener and he got back from his dress rehearsal after I sang, still wearing his kilt.
  2. My mom decided that we should get Steers for dinner because she didn’t feel like cooking
  3. We went straight from school to pick up the food

Here come the motley Bentley crew with my sister in her sports uniform, myself in my skimpy little dress and my brother in his kilt, you should have seen the looks we got… it made my day. To add to it all the car seat made my dress static, so in the end I did flash someone, several people in fact.

And that’s my story, it’s not very PG. or dignified but then again it matches the author 😛

oh, right…the answer to that question you’re dreading the answer to?

The Question: Can you see my ass in this?

The Answer: Yes Harri, yes you can but it’s ok at least you shaved your legs.



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