Hey! Hey, you! Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter!

My Dear Compatriots,

I learnt some new things this week:

1. If you only get about 5 hours of sleep on Sunday night, chances are that you are going to be half asleep for the rest of the week.

2. Never study for a test in the period before, you will fail dismally

3. Never go to movies with a pot head-you never end up actually going to see the movie

Right, yes well…off topic a bit but my brain was fried every day this week due to lack of sleep and probably not enough oxygen entering my system. This ended up in some very dodgy sayings and conversations amongst my friends (all insinuated by me).

It all started on Monday when my friend finds a tool box in the technology classroom with all these circular cutting devices in different sizes we decided that since the subject is a waste of time we were gonna build towers :D. After about 15 minutes of building empire state buildings, wedding cakes, skyscrapers, houses etc. I pipe up ” What do we do in technology? We play with sir’s tools” This was supposed to be completely innocent but of course the little oddballs around me start laughing hysterically and someone yells “That’s what she said!” I did not like this mockery very much. 😛

On Tuesday someone brought a whole bunch of Chips Ahoys for lunch and shared to which I respond with a “thank you, I find that everyone else’s cookie tastes better than your own cookie” 😐 Strike 2 for Bentley.

On Wednesday we found out that if you take the phrase “in my pants” and put it at the end of every sentence you say it causes general amusement and hilarity for example:

“How’s Jimmy?-in my pants”

“Oh, he’s good-in my pants”

and “That banana looks good-in my pants”

Thursday brought along a whole entire new game: “The penis game”

Rules: Pick your favourite movie and replace the longest word with “penis”

Names we came up with were:

  • Harry Potter and The Penis of Secrets
  • Dirty Penis
  • Pride and Penis
  • Kung Fu Penis
  • Alice in Penis-land

I spent Friday trying to learn “The Diski Dance” and singing “Bad Touch” By The Bloodhound Gang-Epic Fail 🙂

Kids these days…





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4 responses to “Hey! Hey, you! Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter!

  1. eddie

    haha they just get better and better everytime:) love u kiddo!! haha

  2. u know who

    hehehe… I LOVE YOU!!! YOU ROCK MY SOCKS!!! keep writing gorgeous… i’m gonna read it every time next year…

  3. eddie

    omw did you know that if you ” in bed” to the end of a sentence it actually makes sense!! haha

  4. taystormy

    Omw! That made my day!!!

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