Damn…I was some epic little kid :D

OK…hello 🙂

Momentary lapse of brain cells and energy back there. Hence the whole “no writing for over a month thing.”  Not my fault though, promise 😀 see, two weeks ago I went on this hectic personality building camp where we had to do stuff like zip line and scale a tiny log about 30 metres up in the air with nothing but a harness on…A HARNESS! Oh, and bridge jumping (that was cool) I didn’t even drown-nice. 🙂

Well, now that that has been cleared up the other day I was going through a box of my old things when I found this journal from grade 3. The journal was basically a series of letters to my teacher at that time, Mrs. Sabins. This, I think was so that she could figure out if we were taking drugs or not over the weekend because every week she would read them. I was probably the one who she was most concerned about,mind you.

On this particular day, she asked us to write about where we want to go on holiday and what we would do there, this is my letter:

“Dear Mrs. Sabins,

I wish that I could go to Hawaii. I would work all day long making hula skirts. After I’m done I would put one on and do the hula. When I’m not doing the hula I would of swam in my private swiming pool. In the evening I would get out my my sketch book and sketch the landscape.

Your Friend,


True story 🙂 I even typed out the spelling errors 🙂 here’s the actual thing:

aren't I cool :)

Yeah…my grade 2 teacher said I couldn’t write…she has obviously never read my blog before. Suck on this Mrs. Elwell…suck on this!

Ok…I’m done!

love you all!




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3 responses to “Damn…I was some epic little kid :D

  1. Taylor evans

    Harrie! I can soo imagine you writing that! lol!

  2. You are still an epic kid – only bigger

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