The Interesting Woes of The Youth Of Today and How Much They Amuse Me.

Whazzup 😀

I was purging the internet for fun things today when I stumbled upon an interesting blog. Well, it wasn’t interesting but it was damn funny, we’ll get to that later.

This blog was written by a 14 year old girl who obviously had quite a bit of angst in her life, for example:

“My difficult choice between three guys and their different personalities and how I want all three of them for different things. Help me out internet community”


“I want to go out tonight but I’m not sure whether or not I should go bowling, or like, catch a movie with my three boyfriends. Help me out internet community”

and let’s not forget

“I love my best friend Bruce, he rocks at almost everything and I’m his little hooker and he’s my little drug-dealer and together we’re best friends. Can’t wait to see you tonight, I’ll let everyone know how it goes”

Shut up, no one cares :/

I laughed. Nay, I peed myself into hysterics, this was the funniest shit I had ever read, it was even better than Grey’s Anatomy.

But that got me thinking, is this how shallow our society has become? Are our future generations doomed to the various issues concerning whether or not the bowling pins will match our shoes and who’s Prada backpack carries the most amount of stuff, yet still looks hot?

I am concerned for our children, and slightly amused that people my age are shallow, materialistic couture-heads. Maybe they’re living up to their full potential, maybe in a couple years time we can all have multicoloured fonts, tYpE LIke ThIS and quote like, really sick song lyrics baby.

I salute you future generations, and I hope evolution doesn’t crush your spirit (or brains). Maybe things will happen in reverse and you won’t be as stupid as your parents.

But I’m like, so excited that you’re reading this. Totally babe.




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2 responses to “The Interesting Woes of The Youth Of Today and How Much They Amuse Me.

  1. gemsquash

    awesome blog, sis!!! Miss you

  2. Taylor Evans

    Hahahahahahahaha! Ok you were completely right!!!
    Please send my a link to this chick’s blog!!!!

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