Go ahead, share your music. Here’s my future offspring, maybe we can share them too :/

For those of you who are wondering I have not suddenly gotten more creative, nor have I been struck with a radioactive lightning bolt that cured my writers block. The answer to my sudden back to back posting is simple: I am in the middle of exams, therefore my procrastination tendencies have come out of the woodwork and I’m spending my studying time on here.

So yeah, music sharers, what the hell? Do I look like I want to listen to your angry rap music or scary poppy ballads? They’re called earphones and they were invented for the purpose of not sharing. I am currently trying to write this in my school library with these rapping imbeciles playing their music super loudly, I’m not even sure if this makes sense :). All I want to write is “champagne showas, champagne showas” because that is the type of music people of my generation listen to.

I hate to sound like my grandmother on this one but it’s really nothing but noise and swear words.

I’m done with my rant. Maybe I’ll go kick some hip hop hoodlums’ butts 😀



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