My Nostalgia Is Kicking in

Every once in a while I come across an old piece of writing that I composed in my young Elementary School days and I want to share it with you, today I hit the jackpot.  In grade 3 we did these writing exercises where we would get a picture and we’d have to write a story that explains the picture. Evidently this particular piece was on a picture of either a rock or a swimming pool, I can’t remember which. My punctuation is terrible and the plot makes no sense but it certainly has given me insight on the workings of a 9 year old me.

The Mysterious Rock

By: Harriet Bentley

“On Wednesday while Becky and I where exploring the town that we just moved into. “Look!” I said as we entered a field “Charlie come back!” said Becky as I ran towards a big cave. Beside the cave there was a rock. Becky and I played there all day. When we were almost home Becky found out she left her bracelet on the rock. “We’ll look for it in the morning” I said. But the next morning it wasn’t there. We found it near the swimming pool so we played there all day and Becky found her bracelet. The next day we went to the swimming pool to look for my hat but the rock wasn’t there. It wasn’t anywhere. I found my hat on my bed. Where I didn’t put it. I was dissapointed.”

I’m surprised that my mother didn’t get me analyzed for insanity or something because that is some crazy stuff right there.

The real copy: punctuation, grammar, spelling and sentence structure mistakes included. 🙂

As another writing exercise, in grade 1 we had to draw a picture and write a caption about that picture. The favourite topic used by the teacher was the different months and what happens in those months. Some months were obviously duller than other judging by my lack of originality for some pictures.


I showed this to my mom when I found it and we had a good giggle over my blobby snowflakes, they look big enough to knock someone out and are arranged quite perfectly across the page.

“Harriet May 6, 2002 Let it Snow Let It Snow Let it Snow When the snow is so frightful and the fire is so delightful”

I apologise for my plagiarism, though my rendition of “Let It Snow” seems to be different from the original.


I’m not too sure if I ever went to a meadow to pick flowers and I have no clue what clear trees look like. All I know is that my hands look like they have suffered from an allergic reaction or something and have swollen to twice the size of my body.

“Harriet May 24, 2002 The Trees are clear Spring is here. And I go to the medow to pick flowers”


I have never owned a yellow raincoat in my life, but Madeline owned one therefore I wanted one too. The blue blobs are actually puddles, though if you look quickly at them they look like bits of jello.

“Harriet May 29 2002 April Showers bring bright flowers I like to splash in the puddils”


As any little girl does, I had a thing for fairies. It was apparent that in the opinion of 7 year old Harriet there was a fairy for every profession, even the professions that didn’t even exist. I like her crown though, you could probably impale someone with that thing.

“Harriet June 10, 2002 The Rose fairy The rose fairy is a tiny figure who paints the colors of a rose.”

Notice how tiny her waist is in comparison to her large backside.


Evidently I wasn’t very concerned with the logistics of my country at the time of this picture’s creation otherwise the American flag would have been drawn the right way around, I apologize for that. I did really believe that the Flag Fairy brought the flag on the Fourth of July though, I remember watching out for her as they started the parade but that dream was crushed quickly when she didn’t show up.

“Harriet June 10, 2002 July on July the fourth there is a big parade but who would bring the flag the flag fairy.

Obviously I considered the question mark as below me back then.

All I can say is thank goodness my drawing and writing skills have improved from Elementary school, I would be seriously depressed if my artworks still looked like this today. Yet seeing these old pieces of school work reminds me of a time when everything was simple. I remember a time when my only worry was growing up and becoming worried, true story, I spent weeks worrying about being worried.

I hope you all have kept some part of the younger you, whether it’s a teddy bear, an old vinyl or even a collection of ancient yellowing drawings, mini you is the coolest person you will ever meet, I guarantee that.

I am 16 years old and looking at the stuff I did 10 years ago makes me feel geriatric, but it also makes me want to go out and build a Lego tower or create a pillow fort. So go be youthful again, read a picture book and swing on some monkey bars, have a tantrum in the supermarket, go trick-or-treating or host a Harry Potter themed birthday party.

Because growing old is mandatory, growing up is what’s optional.




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3 responses to “My Nostalgia Is Kicking in

  1. You. Are. 16?!!!!!!! I don’t think you are even allowed to know the word geriatric.

  2. howlingdesign

    Your are a legend, my daughter! I laughed so hard – love the jello puddles and missile snowbombs. Just to set the record straight I used exacerbate in reference to your sister’s behaviour towards you and got told off by an assistant at the store we were in… Stupid woman – I probably scared her with the big word : )
    I believe your allergic reaction hands are a result of attention to detail. You needed to get 5 fingers on the hand and they grew!

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