No buttwad, how about you go make me a sandwich?

Growing up in a family of strong-minded, determined women I’ve learned never to mention the words “male superiority” or  “I want to be a house wife” for fear of getting a very scary and long lecture on women’s rights and equality. Derogatory terms for females are banned from any discussion and at one point my mom was a ball hair away from purging my music and getting rid of any song with the word “bitch” in it, simply because I was saying it way too often, my grandmother once had me trapped in the kitchen for about 45 minutes while she ranted on about woman equality and other various topics (I blanked out after the first 5 minutes).

It’s no wonder that I now share the same views as my strong-willed family members, now whenever someone calls me “bitch” I want to punch them in the nards. 😀

However, living in a generation filled with reprobates who believe that women are only good for procreation and cooking is some-what distressing. Jokes have been flung around like animal waste regarding women in the kitchen and women ironing bla,bla,bla. It’s all in jest now, but what happens when we start believing it? There are already a number of girls at school who’s ultimate aspirations in life are to marry rich and have lots of babies, which is probably only because they’re idiots and not because some ass hat has told her to make him a sandwich one too many times, but that’s not the point.

The point is that I can not count the number of times I’ve been told by this one lobotomised hyena to “get back to the kitchen”.That’s right folks, you read correctly, that’s the best comeback I’ve heard all year…not.

So how about you go make me a sandwich? Or better yet, get of your lazy bum and make your own damn sandwich.



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