Maturity at Its Best

Maybe I shouldn’t be typing this…

I am, after all, not one who can preach this kind of thing as I am an occasional victim but hey, why not? I’ll give it a shot.

The topic today, dear readers, is maturity.

In almost 2 months I will be 17, I know this because I am constantly reminded of my almost age by my mother at times when I suffer from brain farts or meltdowns. The one problem I have with my age is that I know a lot of people who are also almost 17…but they certainly don’t act like it.

I’m not expecting us all to be perfect, the other day I cried over a puny, insignificant Maths test. But there are some people in my age group and higher ladies and gentlemen, who cry over stupid things.

Therefore I introduce to you my dos and don’ts on crying inappropriately:

1. Do: cry to get your way ( in moderation)

My mom was put into the hostel that she didn’t want to be in when she was in boarding school. One tear and her wish was granted ( you go Mom!)

2. Don’t: cry over something stupid like a bird pooping on your head

It happens to everyone, and is considered to be good luck. “Something stupid” also applies to having water spilled on you, I once had to sit for 2 hours at the same table as someone who cried because water was spilled on them. It was boring.

3. Do: cry over the fact that your fish has died

Oh my gosh! I’m not saying you have to be that emotionless. YOUR FISH DIED! Let it all out for goodness sake.

4. Don’t: cry over a boy/girl person

Some boy/girl people are stupid. You should have been wiser anyway ( you should be crying over your lack of brain cells)

5. Do: cry over the latest Grey’s Anatomy

Or over that episode in HIMYM when Barney gives that speech about how “every kid needs a hoop” that stuff is damn emotional.

and lastly…

6. Don’t cry over something stupid and then write a Facebook status about it

You look like an idiot…trust me.

Okay! I hope you have taken my wise words to heart. Now get out there and do some significant crying!

and always stay mature 😀



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