Pessimistic Miscreants: A danger to society and my health

Over the past few weeks that I have been completely MIA, I have learnt quite a bit about myself and others. Most importantly that there are some pestilential half wits in life that just like complaining

You know who you are. Over the past month I have had to deal with drama after drama, disrupting the haven I used to refer to as my personal space.

I put up with it for a couple of days, but then this unnecessary buzzing got louder and louder and grew to a cacophony of jabbering, wishy washy, non-sensical shrieks. These melodramatic idiots just kept pounding against my tympanic membrane ,complaining about their lack of sleep or relationship issues or sexual frustration. I eventually cracked and vowed to annihilate these insensitive goons to put a stop to their incessant complaints.

Okay, maybe I’m the one being melodramatic…but I did get sick of hearing about the complaints of almost everyone in my vicinity. So I cut the people who were negatively affecting my mood off and now I feel a lot better for it.

The point of this post is not to be hypocritical by complaining too much about the people who complain too much, it’s to comment on the state of this world and ask why we’re so unhappy. In the song The World You Love by Jimmy Eat World it says “we’re only just as happy as everyone else seems to think we are”. To me, that quote holds a lot of truth in it, we care so much about everyone else. If someone hurts you you worry about whether or not they could see if you are upset, if you like someone you freak out about them possibly knowing, if you’re sad you either want everyone to know or only a select few people.

Why?? Why don’t we just let go? How about we try and live a little for a moment? Cry when we want to, smile when we are subliminally happy, tell the person who’s hurt us how angry we are at them, instead of putting those words into a verbose Facebook status.

When we feel like we might seriously like someone we keep quiet, waiting for the one definite sign that the other person reciprocates these feelings. Why can’t we speak out? Tell that girl you see everyday on the bus how much she intrigues you, contact that old love with a simple “I missed you today” message. We waste our time complaining and not acting.

So go! Go tell that girl you think about her all the time, yell at the lobotomised hyena who made your day worse, tell that horrible plastic creature she’s a bitch for wearing the same shoes as you. I don’t care, but whatever you do make the most of your hypothalamus and express your feelings.

That’s why you have an opinion right?



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2 responses to “Pessimistic Miscreants: A danger to society and my health

  1. not bad…I missed you today :)…and by the way, all your hypothalamus is going to do is release GnRH…not good

  2. Stop being a smarty pants Mr McCloy. Next time you can write my blog post. 😉

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