Taylor Swift is a terrible liar.

Relationships suck.

I just heard a sharp intake of breath from all 20 of you guys. I know, what am I saying?? But it’s true.

Maybe it’s because my parents are divorced, maybe it’s because I have some dramatic friends who like to re-enact every horrible detail of their failed relationships, all I know is that relationships suck, and sometimes…if you’re lucky, they’re worth it.

In grade 6, the love bug really bit my grade big time. In the space of one half an hour break everyone was hitched onto someone else, it didn’t matter if you liked them or not, if you had a boyfriend you were deemed cool. I however, rejected the poor boy who asked me out because I didn’t like him.  But that experience did not leave me unharmed, that fateful day in March 2007 was the official death of my innocence. It suddenly occurred to me that if everyone was old enough to date, surely I must be old enough too.

Bad thinking Little Harriet. I ought to go back in time and punch 11 year-old me right in the undeveloped boob, because from that tiny thought process came a tidal wave of consequences. Boys got stuck in my brain, I started caring about how I looked, what everyone thought and how my looks affected how everyone saw me. The kooky tom-boyish bean pole was replaced by some wanna-be bean pole, it sucked.

I wasn’t ready, I didn’t understand the concept of  “everything has it’s own time”. My friends like to call that year my emotional blob year, because I was in every sense just that.  I’ve learnt since then, I’m 17 and still learning.

This brings me to my topic of discussion. How important are relationships to the  life of the average civilian? Well, 52% of the iTunes top 25 songs downloaded ever are love songs, the other 48% are party anthems. These statistics say something about the human condition and what we deem important.

  1. Love, sex and relationships
  2. Partying

This is odd, considering the fact that according Maslow’s hierarchy of needs the most important and basic needs are physiological such as: oxygen, excretion. reproduction, nutrients and homeostasis.

Love and relationships only appear as third most important. Yet, why do we feel like our entire existence depends on whether or not our Facebook profile says “single”? Relationships are hard, break ups are harder and once a couple months/weeks/hours have passed most of the time we actually look back and think how stupid we were through out that entire period of our lives that we were with someone. Yet, we search, we fall in like/love/infatuation again and the circle of heartbreak goes on and on.

I believe in time, the flow of life and independance and eventually, if the time is right, your relationship status may just change from “single”. But putting your life on hold in order to search for a Sleepless in Seattle perfect ending is not worth it, because in real life the top of the Empire State Building is going to be occupied by some weirdo with a foot fetish who smells like humus, not Meg Ryan or Tom Hanks in perfect makeup.

Taylor Swift and I are going to have some words if I ever see her love song singing, Romeo/Juliet complex, country ass.
Peace out.





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5 responses to “Taylor Swift is a terrible liar.

  1. brilliant! love the description of the Empire State Building guy! Laughing so hard!

  2. Fab post, Harri-B. Although I have to say, it would worse to have a wierdo with a humus fetish who smells like feet.

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