Nutcases on my News Feed

I just wrote about half of this blog post and then I did not save it…genius.

So, take 2 for Harriet Bentley as I attempt to tell you in as little words as possible because I feel like I’m repeating myself now, about my views on teen obsessions. Healthy or unhealthy? This is what I am trying to find out.

I have never been the obsessive kind of girl. When I was younger I had a massive crush on Robert Pattinson as Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter but alas, that daydream ended when he became fairy-like and sparkly. If you were to ask me right now what I am most interested in I would have to think long and hard to come up with an answer. In fact, I’ve been thinking of an answer as I type this and have yet to pull one out of my bum.

However, I have noticed over the past couple of months that teen obsessions are becoming a bit of a trend. Recently I have been “Tweet stalking” a certain “Amanda Bieber” in an attempt to better understand the workings of a star-struck, borderline psychopathic little 14-year old girl. The only thing I have gained from this investigation is a headache, spawned from fighting the urge to throw my phone and myself, for that matter, under a truck every time she tweets something new.

Here are some of my favourite tweets:




And the absolute gem:


You can not help but facepalm and bleed tears for humanity when you see what this chick is posting. The intensity of her stupidity and hate for everyone but herself and Biebs makes me think about exactly what Amanda Bieber’s MO is. Is she the ultimate troll? Is she continuing with this behaviour because she knows it gets her followers? Is she really a 45 year old fat man who lives in his Mom’s attic and spends his life pissing people off and drinking Sunny D? I guess it’s one of life’s biggest mysteries. A wise friend once told me that when dealing with people on the Internet it is best to assume that every man is a man, every woman is a man, every 17 year old hot boy is a really old man and every child is a member of the secret service. This logic is somewhat flawed, but I figured I’d stick it in here.

A YouTube user by the name of “JamesOHands” ” has addressed some of her tweets with the very admirable spirit of making fun of Amanda and yet still getting his point across.

Regarding her homophobic statements he comments that: “Justin receives a lot of hate, mainly people are calling him gay, so you’d think a Belieber would go ‘Right, I’m not gonna make any gay jokes because then they’re about Justin…let’s make straight jokes.’ ”

Regarding racism: ” If people annoy you and you get upset about that and you fight back then it’s justified but ‘I hate it when black people annoy me’, racist. I mean, Justin’s not a member of the Klan ,you shouldn’t be either.”

Regarding her name: ” If your second name is already Bieber, the registration office is gonna be a little…uh, scared when they see ‘we’re marrying Amanda Bieber to Justin Bieber’. Incestuous”

That’s just an outside perspective. His video is way cooler than my measly quotes because he does it in a boss accent.

I have a friend who has a naturally obsessive personality, once she gets stuck on something you have to use a crow bar and mayonnaise to get her unstuck, and sometimes that STILL doesn’t work. However, her obsessions never get offensive, just a little concerning.

That’s all I can pretty much write about @MandaSwaggie or Amanda Bieber or whoever this middle aged peadophilic imposter is without ripping my eyes out and playing ping pong with them.

Just whatever you do…don’t follow her.

Follow James on Twitter: @JamesHands

Follow Me on Twitter: @missharribee

Koo Beans 🙂


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