RESPECT: Preach it Aretha!

I’ve always thought I’d be an excellent politician.

Well, not always, the thought never occurred to me until I was working as a face painter this past December. The line had closed and this woman, desperate to get her child’s face painted, offered me a bribe of R100. I didn’t take it.

Feeling incredibly pleased with myself I strutted around my work place telling all my colleagues of my great act of putting a stop to corruption until one of them said, “but what if they offered you R50000?”

That wiped the smug look on my face and got me thinking “Would I?” Of course not!

Yes I would…I know I would, it’s easy to say something until you get to the situation. I know if someone presented me with a briefcase full of R200 notes and said “paint my kids face now” I would paint that child like there’s no tomorrow.

So maybe I wouldn’t be a very good politician. Face painting is such a silly example anyway.

Setting an example does take a lot of willpower, I know that, it’s like you’re under this massive microscope about to get squashed if one toe is out of line.

This whole debacle with Oscar Pistorius has shown how much there is to lose. If an accountant had shot his girlfriend, it might make front page in his local community paper, but because its Oscar, “Mr Responsible”, South Africa’s poster boy for athletics, he has been ripped to shred INTERNATIONALLY.

Just goes to show how careful you have to be when in a position of leadership.

I don’t know how many of you are leaders, whether its of your family or a country ( hey Jacob) but I feel like credibility is lost every time something goes pear shaped, every time you do something stupid and no matter how many times you can apologise or brush it off like it was no big deal you’ve lost something so vital to your success as a supported individual.

You’ve lost your respect, it might be on a small scale or an international one but not everyone is going to trust you 100% anymore, you’ve lost trust.

In my opinion, that’s the most important thing to have.



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2 responses to “RESPECT: Preach it Aretha!

  1. Respect, my child! Another brilliant poast!

  2. You’ve got it! In a nutshell. It’s tough being above reproach, but if you choose to be a leader, it’s really important.

    Excellent blog (as always)! (Now don’t let that go to your head. 😉 )
    See you soon!

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