Electricity: The Kind That’s Better Than The One Franklin Discovered.

I know, you read the title and thought “haha…idiot, there’s no other kind.”

Listen buddy, I did science up to grade 9 of course I know there’s no other kind, it’s a metaphor. By electricity I mean “what’s inside you” and by “what’s inside you” I mean “your inner light”. In essence, the thing that gets you up at 5 o’clock when your alarm is screaming stupid, tinny elevator music at you. That kind of electricity.

You know that hole we discussed last week? The one that doesn’t come with a shovel and only you can dig yourself out of? I was in one of those, but slowly, painstakingly, I groped and dragged my way out of it. How? Here it comes…the cliché we’ve all been waiting for; “the silver lining”, “the light at the end of the tunnel” or, the less orthodox way of saying it: my electricity.

Everyone states that they live in the present, and presently we do physically live in the present, mentally however, we’re incredibly far ahead.

Maybe it’s a good thing, I think it is. Especially as it’s my last year at school I like to make to most of every moment I’m given, but sometimes, for example last week, I needed everything I could get to look forward to.

Therefore, today I set up a list to stick up on my wall to remind myself how blessed I am to be living so lavishly and to actually have things to look forward to. The list was actually so long it had to be translated onto A3 format so now it’s more like a poster of things to look forward to.


As I only have 2 kinds of shiny pen it’s quite monochromatic but you get the gist.

Now whenever I feel bleak about my dog peeing on my blazer, the ridiculous curls that frame my face when I get stuck in the rain or the fact that my brother keeps me up by playing his guitar until unattractive hours of the night, I can generate my enthusiasm and power with the knowledge that next week I have a sleepover.

Thank goodness!


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