How Privileged White Kids Find Entertainment.

There’s a first world problem that comes with the territory of being an 18-year old high school graduate with 2 terabytes worth of downloaded entertainment and a whole months worth of holiday ahead.

You get bored.

By bored I mean going through a late adolescent crisis in which you start planning what you’d look like with dread locks, researching the best places to go to get a tragus piercing and looking up tattoo ideas on Pinterest. I’ve hit rock bottom on the scale of teenage angst and all because none of my friends are in town for the holidays.

Another grand idea I’ve had takes place in the form of a 5-year plan and I came across it while on a website for The Adventurists. They are an organisation that raises funds for charity and at the same time “fight to make the world less boring”. They essentially create adventures. Not “holiday” adventures, not “ooh, I’m moving to South Africa, this is going to be such an adventure!” adventures, The Adventurists have created six, real life, Bilbo Baggins defeating Smaug, bringing the ring to Mordor, let’s kill Lord Voldemort, bad -ass adventures. Image

One of them is called The Rickshaw Run in which you and up to 3 friends have the opportunity to drive a rickshaw across India through Bandit country, dangerous roads and dodgy back routes in a turd of a vehicle in order to raise money for charity. There is no set safe route, and no telling exactly what can happen while driving one of these death machines. There’s even a disclaimer on the website talking about the risks of becoming permanently disfigured, seriously disabled or dead.

Which is why it’s part of a Five-year plan and not a Next-year plan. I figure 5 years is enough time for me to get all the experience I need in order to not die when I drive my rickshaw across India. At that point I’ll be a BA Graduate with a major in History and, possibly, a tragus piercing and a head full of dreadlocks. I’ll be unstoppable.

Now I just have to talk to my mom about this.


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