Just because I Work at a Vet, doesn’t mean I know jack shit about how to be one.

Working as a receptionist for a vet this December has taught me a lot about the type of animal people you get out there. Vets are normal, love animals and therefore want to help them. People like me like animals, think puppies are cute but have no desire to make them my whole life and vet clients are generally just…crazy.

There’s no other word to describe the people who come into the practice, they’re nuts, completely off the wall, losing their rockers, smoking something else, bat-shit crazy and they all seem to think that I’m the best person to come to about their animal problems.

  • “How many times must I change my dogs water?”
  • “Large breed puppy food can be used for small breeds right?”
  • “What are the rules for vaccination in this country?”
  • “Mr Pinkles has an eye problem, if I show you a picture can you tell me what’s wrong with him?”

It’s been 3 weeks worth of hysterical phone calls, stupid questions, enquiries about how often the sick pets are allowed to run around and one couple who insists on rocking up every Sunday at closing time to visit the rescue puppy afflicted with ring worm.

I have been amongst these bizarre native animal-owners for 21 days and they have yet to discover that I am not even qualified enough to tell left from right let alone give them advice on how often Tinkle-Pinkles needs to have a dental.

This is me taking a stand against crazy vet clients: you can ask me as many questions as you like as long as it’s about my day, where I got my skirt, what colour nailpolish I’m wearing or what my favourite flavour of muffin is.

Other than that, I can not help you.



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2 responses to “Just because I Work at a Vet, doesn’t mean I know jack shit about how to be one.

  1. nofrillswrapping

    You could have a cute little sign made up to put on the counter or your desk along the lines of:

    I’ll greet you with a smile
    and make your appointment times,
    but if you have a question,
    about your animals or pets,
    I don’t have the schooling to answer,
    so please wait to ask the vet.

  2. That’s a good idea. It’s much better than my usual “uuh…I’m not qualified enough to know that question.”

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