I can singe your ass in one sentence.

Writing has gotten me into a lot of trouble in the past. Notes written in class to my “arch-nemesis” somehow made their way to the teacher’s desk when I was 12 and a couple of months ago the sneaky passive-aggressive tweets I was in the habit of writing led to daily arguments with my boyfriend at the time. My problem is I get too mad too quickly and on these occassions I often find myself lacking a pen and paper to write it all down. Being a child of the 21st century, brought up by the internet, I therefore use social networking as my diary.

But sometimes writing when angry is the most satisfying thing I have ever felt. Especially when I’ve had time to think and my scathing response has been logically thought through and my sentences carefully crafted to form a Pulitzer Prize-worthy email.

Writing is the best thing on the planet when you are able to look at your message and realise “I can’t lose”.

At least, it is for stubborn assholes like me.


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