My Grey and Neon Train Ride

I love taking the train at this time of the evening. The sky is a pleasant periwinkle grey colour and the day is at the cusp of its ending. There’s this part where the track runs right along the University and I can see buildings I’ve just been to for lectures and a few straggler students, hunched shoulders and heavy backs, probably hating the fact that they have to study.

I often get that feeling, the feeling that what I’m doing is worthless in the grander scheme of things. What use is a piece of paper to the universe? How is this going to change the world? It’s probably not. But nobody can change the universe, it is what it is; but the universe can change you.

Grey evenings and neon orange beanies and being safe in a warm train that’s taking you home can change you, even if it’s only for a moment, even if it’s only so you can try to string together how completely small and incredibly lucky you feel to be alive in the moment on a blog hardly anyone will ever read.

Small, universal moments change you.


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