Worry Less, Love More.


Everyone’s addicted to tragedy.

If you’ve just read that sentence and thought “I’m not, I’m not part of ‘everyone'”, you are, trust me…in the moment you are just as addicted to tragedy as the 30 other people standing on the train platform with you. Don’t worry, it doesn’t make you heartless or evil, it makes you human.

I’m the girl who dances on train platforms. I don’t bust a move or start twerking in public, I tend to just quietly bounce and smile into my iPod. I was doing that today, minding my business, listening to Bipolar Sunshine when tragedy struck.

This old guy lay down on the floor.

That’s it, he literally just lay down while his daughter stroked his head. I didn’t think anything of it, I was too busy bopping to “Love more, Worry Less” and thought “lucky him, I could probably use a nap right now too.” I literally spent 15 minutes completely jealous of this old guy who got to sleep on a grimy train platform because he didn’t give a shit about what other people thought of him… until the paramedics came.

That’s when I actually clicked to the fact that old guy didn’t really want to be on the floor, and at that same moment I also realised that I was standing on the outskirts of this massive circle of tragedy watchers. Everyone was literally staring at Sleepy Old Guy, one man was literally hovering on top of the precedings trying to get a better look, I kid you not.


I think that’s when I realised this little fact about human nature, that we love drama, we love feeling sorry for sleepy old guys and we treat medical emergencies like they’re an episode of Greys Anatomy. Even I was curious, my iPod-bouncing was interrupted by this terrible morbid fascination as to what was happening to sleepy old guy. Was he on oxygen? How are they putting him on the stretcher? Can he walk? Is now an appropriate time to flirt with that cute paramedic? (It really wasn’t, I didn’t even try).

I had enough decency to resume to bopping and staring into the distance, I like to go against the crowd anyway. Yet I’m still feeling relatively disgusted about the fact that I’m still tragically, boringly human, and it’s in the very core of my being to stare at drama.



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