Thoughts Before University


“Where the hell did I put my toothbrush?”
“I hope I have enough money for 2 minute noodles..”
“What’s my first lecture?”
“Maybe I should start reading my study guides”
“Maybe I should stop reading this 600 page history novel so I can focus.”
“Screw it! It counts as learning.”
“Maybe I should start reading the newspaper.”
“Well this is boring. I’ll just use it as wrapping paper.”
“I need to buy shampoo, but noodles are more important.”
“I hope I packed all my underpants”
“If I didn’t I’ll just have to do a lot of washing.”
“Where the cuss is my toothbrush?!”
“I should have done exercise…I’m looking chubby”
“Screw it, I’m chubby and happy.”
“I wonder if my English lecturer will remember my name this semester”
“Never mind, still thinks I’m ‘Hayley'”
“I am not going out for the rest of the year!”
“Okay, I’ll go out once or twice…”
“Twice, twice. I’ll go out twice.”
“Maybe I should do something with my hair.”
“Nah, it’s fine, I have a good brain, I don’t need neat hair.”
“I’m not going to watch any TV this semester!”
“Maybe I’ll just watch some Parks and Recreation…”
“It’s 2am already?”
“Just one more episode…”
“No. More. Series”
“Ah shit, I left something in my fridge.”


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