A tiny post about my incredibly large discovery.

I said on the first of January that I’d write more posts about topics I don’t normally talk about.

This one is about how easily people can ignite your mind with a single conversation, this one is less about emotions and more about intellect. How after months of surrounding myself with people who stare blankly when I mention Socrates and whose favourite hobbies are “watching TV” or “getting fit” I’ve come across a certain specimen of Homo sapiens sapiens who not only talk to me about literature and current events, but challenge me intellectually.

Where the fuck have these people been all my life?

I feel like a baby sea turtle. I’ve had to brave metres of hot, coarse, relatively dumb beach in order to get to the sea, the incredibly sleek and smart sea, where people ask me questions as a response to my questions.

I’ve had a brain awakening, and I’m never going back.


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