I Need A Win.

My sister and I are currently having an argument over what our Myers-Briggs personality types are. We both think we’re ENFP, in our opinions the other one clearly isn’t. This makes us both really mad to have what type of people we are dictated by the other person. We both refuse to back down.

I need a win. She’s been winning her entire life. She knows what career path she’s going to take and what kind of husband she wants to have, she probably knows what school her kids are going to go to. I don’t, I’m currently struggling in a degree with no definite career outcome, a passion that’s impossible to make a living out of and this crippling feeling of self-doubt that’s been slowly creeping it’s way into my heart since I moved out of home. It sounds pathetic but the only thing that I’ve been able to hold onto is that dumb personality test from http://www.humanmetrics.com that explained exactly who I am. I’m on a constant quest to find inner peace and I have a strong need to be liked and sometimes it seems like I’m directionless but I’m actually just trying to figure out why the universe is the way it is and why I can’t find a solid piece of ground to place my feet.

I’m drowning in fear of losing who I am.

And I need this win.



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2 responses to “I Need A Win.

  1. Creative LAB

    If you listen carefully, you will find that you are doing exactly what you need to do. Throw yourself into it with passion and the path will come.

  2. Matthew Chiglinsky

    The meaning of life is to (a) survive, (b) grow, and (c) dance sideways to keep yourself occupied when you have nothing better to do. Got it?

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