Don’t You Dare Tell Me You’re Broken

explosion 1.jpg

Hello you bullet shell of a person,

You like listening to “Hand Me Down” by Matchbox Twenty  because you like to think it describes you. You poor, 2nd hand, misunderstood, emotional mess. It’s so fun playing the innocent bystander isn’t it?

Poor Harriet. You’re too much and not enough and everyone’s always leaving and you’ve put too much of your life into other people’s universes without thinking about the consequences. It’s easier to be someone else’s equation, someone else’s magnetic force, someone else’s someday than it is to be your own damn everything.

Poor you. You self-inflicted, broken human being. You like writing midnight drafts about how much of an idiot you are for loving people too much and not expecting anything back. You think demanding what you want will make people leave, you think if you stay light and breezy and happy that you’ll finally be the thing they pick first.

Poor you. You absolute idiot.

You’re not a fucking hand me down. You’re not a substitute person, you’re nobody’s second choice.

How can someone so voluminous and loud and flammable make themselves so small just to feel wanted?

Remember the nights you danced through the rain to smoky bars and tight embraces. You splashed through puddles and twirled down light-stained streets- don’t you dare tell me you’re broken. My darling, you watercolour palette of a human being, how dare you wait for someone else to make you feel worthwhile. Don’t you ever cry golden tears over cosmic promises-you are worth more than the tiny piece of infinity they have to offer you.

Remember how hot your words feel when they sit in your throat.








Get explosive. You were born with a gun powder heart and dynamite thoughts.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself. You’re a god damn super nova.



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3 responses to “Don’t You Dare Tell Me You’re Broken

  1. Christele

    Like…can I just try and convey to you how much I needed to read this. Right now. At this very moment when my life seemed to be shattered to pieces and I thought I’d have to fix it myself again. But then I read this. And I see you. And I see the person I love more than life itself actually stay after I scream at them to leave me and my own mess… I see people who actually love me. That’s the scariest fucking thing because I never knew I was capable of being loved. But then stuff happened and I read this and I cry because someone broke through the walls of me and I just have hope again. I am not broken. And this just solidified that in me now.

    • My darling ❤ How have I only seen this now?

      You are wonderful, spectacular, important and such a wonderful blessing.

      You are so so capable of being loved, and you are doing amazing things with the tinder box of a personality you have. Go light the world on fire my girl! Go, go!

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