“Setting fire to our insides for fun”

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I’m back…for now I guess. We can’t say how long this is going to last because I’m really bad with commitment. The only thing I’ve ever properly committed to has been a 1 and a half year relationship that ended about a month ago, so hey, there’s your answer.

That’s also roughly the same amount of time in which this blog has been briefly abandoned. Weird. I think it’s because I’m not very good at writing when I’m feeling happy.

My mother actually asked me last night why I only write when I’m sad, my answer was simply that happiness is not an interesting enough emotion to comment on. Think about it. When I’m happy I wake up early and stretch and greet the hobos milling outside my window like I’m Snow White and they’re the little forest animals. I skip out of my flat and down the road and I fist bump car guards and breathe deeply and stare up at the blue sky and grin widely into the universe.

And it’s all very boring.

The real shit. The interesting, mind-bending, gut-wrenching, soul-searching shit, is when it’s 2am and “Daughter” has been playing on a loop since midnight and everything feels a little too real, too uncertain, too wild. And when the dawn arrives there’s a certain victory in surviving that shitstorm of emotion and adjectives. That’s how Plath wrote “Daddy”, and Eliot wrote “The Wasteland” and Spike Milligan wrote “On the Ning Nang Nong”.

Don’t try to tell me Spike Milligan wasn’t deeply emotional when he wrote the line “And the teapots jibber jabber joo”, I will fight you.

Anyway, I wrote something at 2am the other day and it was moderately good. So here it is:

Hey, I know you’re tired, and scared. Life is awfully fresh and raw and uncertain right now. You’re not too sure where you fit. Here’s the thing…in a few years time you will be a little less immortal. You will be sitting on new sheets in a bigger bed, with more money in your savings account and more stability in your heart, and you are going to miss this moment.

You are going to have more of your shit figured out and you are going to wonder why you didn’t cherish being 23 a bit more. There’s so much youth still on your side. The world is beckoning you with its fingertips and all you have to do is leap.

You are going to miss being this young, this unsure, this devastated, this inspired.



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2 responses to ““Setting fire to our insides for fun”

  1. I left you a message on the other site but it says “cannot go through at the moment”. Then I found your light of words here, gazing on your words across this Macbook air screen like watching a bright comet through the night sky.

    From one master to another master: I share this poem I wrote with you.

    There she is like a leaf falling from its branches.

    There she be like the breeze swirling in its leaves

    Leaves crisping in the heat of the sun.

    It’s a clear day, no clouds around no place to run

    In the motion of her own, inner solar system home

    Calcination giving rise to her spirit that has grown

    I can see it in her eyes, she knows she far from home

    So she goes deep in side,
    A queen searching for her thrown.

    Meditation now collides burning through her ozone

    Falling down like a comet burning up her heart is bold

    Crashing into her self; an ancient story told.

    She opens her eyes as the blinds unfold and there in from of her stood her crown made of gold

    P.S. I agree with writing timing. Same reason corporations are figuring out that they have many negative comments because the people who have a great experience (at a hotel, lets say), they don’t rush to leave feedback comments. The people who do rush to leave comments are more so the ones whom felt the need to vent about a bad experience.

    • Thank you so much for this poem! I feel like it describes perfectly what I’m going through and how I’m going to get there.

      I’m not sure what other site you tried to contact me through as this is my only one, but thank you for finding me and for sharing this with me.

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