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Musical Finds: Another Story

“I hear your voice and it seems as if it was all a dream, I wish it was all a dream.”

Sitting cross-legged, cross-armed, cross-hearted on my bed, listening to this song on repeat and trying to stop it from meaning so much.

It’s been a long weekend, a long 6 months, a long existence. I’ve filled the past few hours with poetry and hardly-known songs in an attempt to feel less exhausted.

“Every time I hear another story
Oh the poor boy lost his head
Everybody feels a little crazy
But we go on living with it”

I am a melancholic, water-colour bullet shell. All my psychedelic shrapnel is lying at my feet – every piece of my cadmium soul has been swallowed and spit out by you. We exploded into a hurricane of colour and tones and this song is currently the only thing to make sense.


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May 29, 2016 · 11:24 pm

Musical Finds: Spirit Cold

tall heights

I love indie folk music. I love how nostalgic and dramatic it makes me feel- like I’m staring out of a train window with tears rolling down my face. My relatively tumultuous and over-thought soul needs it to survive. The sadder the lyrics, the more high-pitched warbling that occurs, the closest resemblance to Bon Iver, the better.

This one made me nostalgically happy. It made me miss snow and people I’ve never met before. Because I like to make my life as poetic as possible, I guess.

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November 25, 2015 · 11:28 am